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“When we moved my father into a retirement home, we hired Wendy to help with the remaining contents of the condo.  Wendy was instrumental in coordinating and dispersing the remaining furniture and seeing to the purchase and installation of new carpet for the bedroom.  She met all the required deadlines, working well with the realtor in preparing the home for the new owners, while greatly reducing our stress.”


Barbara Turkey-McIntyre, Vice-President, Sustainability & Citizenship, The Co-operators Group Ltd.

“Wendy Smith from SWOT Services were recommended to us when we listed our home for sale. We had been in our home for over 46 years and as seniors needed assistance to get ready for the move a new home. Wendy spent time with us when the moving date was determined, providing guidance and advice as to what we should be doing to get ready and what services she could offer us to assist in the move.  We found Wendy to be well organized, energetic and she provided helpful advice on what we might consider donating.   She helped us see to the delivery of articles for donation to various charities.  Wendy assisted with the packing, labeling and worked with the movers, supervising the loading and unloading.  She helped unpack and put away many the items moved.  We would not have been able to make the move successfully had she not been there to help and advise us. During it all she remained patient and pleasant and was a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her to anyone who has need of assistance in moving from one residence to another.”

Jim & Pat Hoy

“I knew Wendy from a previous environment; I became aware of her SWOT service and kept her information for future use. Then my world changed; first I needed to get my Mom’s house in order for new owners. I had no time, was under time constraints and all the less onerous activities had been completed. Wendy’s responses to my requests were “yes”, “of course”, “not a problem”; and “I could…..”. Her process was to complete what needed to be done without adding any stress to my already overwhelming situation. Next came an urgent need to move from our own home under difficult circumstances. Once again Wendy completed what was needed to be done in the most effective manner possible without adding any stress. I encourage anyone needing transition services to contact Wendy. Wendy will not add to your stress; in fact, Wendy’s methods will reduce the stress of any type of move/transition.”


Sandy Ferguson-Escott, Owner/Operator, Speedpro Imaging

“As a Real Estate Sales Representative, it's quite normal that I get involved in helping sell a home of either an estate or a family where the senior home owner is moving to some sort of assisted living. Recently I was involved in an estate sale where the executor hired Wendy from SWOT services to help with clearing out the home and getting it ready for sale. The beneficiaries of the estate all lived out of province. The plan was they would all visit the house on one day and decide on what they wanted to have from the estate. I witnessed Wendy deal with a variety of family members, all whom were grieving at their loss, as they sorted through an entire house of treasured memories. She helped them deal with the emotional stress of the situation, and then took the entire load off of their shoulders. Items were itemized and packed efficiently. The truck was professionally loaded and off they went. Many items were left over that needed to be professionally appraised which she has the contacts to do. And then all the remaining left-over items were efficiently dealt with. I am happy to recommend Wendy from SWOT Services for this kind of work.”


David Halls, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Royal City Realty

 “I had the pleasure of working with Wendy Smith in my past role of IT Services Vendor for the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.  Our relationship, by the nature of the services we were providing, had to be organized and communicative.  Wendy quarterbacked all IT issues, amongst her other roles, for the Chamber with great confidence.  She was able communicate the big picture yet describe the important details to our service representatives allowing us to efficiently service their account.  As advertising within the Chamber was part of our marketing plans, I was also Wendy’s customer.  She negotiated a fair contract for advertising, and helped us implement each component of the plan.  We came to depend on the Wendy and the operations of the Chamber’s marketing to help effectively get our name out into the community.  Wendy is extremely organized and dependable in any role she takes on and I would highly recommend her in her new role at SWOT Services!”


Rob Cameron, Senior Development Officer, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

“I have known and worked on many projects over the past 14 years with Wendy Smith. I have always found Wendy very compassionate, organized, and dedicated to her work. Her personality played a huge part in her success with her past position. She has the ability to treat people so that they always felt valued and comfortable when attending events that she organized. I probably worked with Wendy on over 100 different projects over the years. Her attention to details was the reason for these projects going so smoothly. I would highly recommend working with Wendy  based on my past experiences with her.”


Dave Hawley, President, KH & A Printing Inc.

“I would absolutely use and recommend services provided by Wendy Smith.  Over the many years I have known and worked with Wendy, she has proven to be highly organized, dependable and creative.  Wendy is able to help others see what needs to be done and is always right there to help them do it.  With confidence, Wendy sees things through from start to finish and works really hard to make sure everyone involved is satisfied.”

Ross Kirkconnell, Executive Director, Guelph Family Health Team

“When it comes to project management, Wendy Smith has a natural ability to organize and coordinate activities necessary to get the job done professionally and on time.  I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker for several years at an annual event run for 1600 grade 8 students, educating them on the various career path opportunities.   This event was run flawlessly and brought both students & businesses together to explore the education required for the different types of jobs.  I am confident to recommend Wendy in her new role at SWOT Services.”

Sunjay Nath, MBA, BScE, CSP, Human Performance Engineer

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